good things

happy friday, dolls! did you all have a good week? what are you planning for your weekend?

i've discovered that i already miss posting here every day!  this three day a week schedule might have to change sooner than i imagined!  :)

the good things

1 :: the best cheerleader a girl could ask for: my mum!

2 :: discovering photography by vivian maier.  super inspirational!

3 :: giggle fits.

4 :: an amazing poblano quesadilla from the border grill truck.

5 :: taking on a three day cleanse.  wish me luck!

{polaroid by casey holford}


in love :: number sixty-eight

i tend to avoid making resolutions, but instead i make a list of a number goals i'm setting for the year ahead.  one of those items?  get a 2011 calendar!

i still enjoy the experience of writing in a planner whether or not my smart phone keeps me on schedule!  here are a few fantastic ones i have in mind!linda & harriett

laurel denise

creature comforts

julie joliat


a little housekeeping

i spent a chunk of time this weekend cleaning my closets and desk drawers to clear clutter and start fresh in the new year!  as you may have noticed, this also inspired me to give h+r a little design update!  nothing too drastic, but i hope you like the changes!

i wanted to let you little loves know that i'm going to pare down my posting schedule for the time being.  as i'm sure you can all relate - it can be tough trying to balance life between a busy day job, side projects, blogging and maintaining good relationships with friends and family!

so here's the plan:

monday - weekend creative

(shenanigans/craft projects/general life stuff)

wednesday - in love

(indie shops and creative businesses i discover and adore)

friday - good things

(polaroid/holga images with a list of five good things from the week)

you can count on having some extra posts from time to time and of course sharing lots of inspiration will always be my driving force! 

i'm excited to share some fantastic ideas i have in mind for this little space!  thanks for being a part of it with me!


weekend creative

welcome back, friends!  did you have a great end of the year?  the potential of a new year is always so exciting! do you make resolutions or lists of to-dos?  i'm thinking of putting together a list for the year to keep me motivated and inspired!

i really enjoyed taking a little time off to unplug and celebrate with family and good friends!  here's a little post in pictures of the highlights!

christmas stationery:bracelets for girlfriends:auntie anne's table settings were beautiful!we ate a lot of cookies!a day trip to point lobos - love the california coast!{images by me}


holiday wishes!

hello, dolls!  sorry i took an unexpected break here!  i came down with a terrible cold last week just in time for my trip to northern california. 

i've had an absolutely marvelous christmas visit with family eating plenty of cookies, delicious food and laughing till our bellies ached.

just wanted to pop in and wish you all a very happy new year!  thanks for making this year such a great one here at h+r! 

cheers to a great 2011!{image by me}