in love :: number seventy

i am seriously crushing on dan mountford's double exposure photography. brilliant!

you can buy prints, too! {images by dan mountford} {via design for mankind}


back in action!

hello again, loves! i'm emerging from the fog of the last few weeks and feel pretty happy to be back in this little space again! how have you been? what have you been up to?

i've been contemplating what all to share with you since my unexpected departure. as someone who is a fairly private person in real life, i feel a constant struggle with what i share here in the land of the interwebs. but abandoning the blog for a few weeks sure could use a little explanation! until i find the words, i'll just say that i am eternally grateful to have such an amazing family and some seriously superstar friends!

so i spent a the majority of my h+r hiatus in boston where i'm happy to report i survived several snow storms, a bit of shoveling and some pretty cold temps! the snow and ice could be quite beautiful at times - despite the overall ick/stressful factor of driving in it. this past weekend i was back in los angeles thawing out and catching up with friends. in between such glamorous activities such as cleaning my apartment and laundry - i made some peanut butter cups to share with my valentines! for those of you interested, you can find the recipe here. next time i'll be sure to put more chocolate in the bottom of the cup to give it more stability! happy valentine's day, friends!



{images by me}


weekend creative

hi there, dearies! did you have a great weekend? it was lovely to have a three days off thanks to mlk day. i tried to make the most of it by including a little volunteer time into my weekend in honor of dr. king on sunday. i'm always really inspired to do more to help others after feeding the homeless at a mission in downtown los angeles. one of my new years goals is to go at least once a month!

as a little aside, i've got some big stuff going on in life these days.  posting could be a little sporadic (you may have noticed!) but i'm trying to create the best balance as possible so i can continue sharing with you! the 'ole blog may change a bit over the next few months - so stay tuned!

now onto the fun stuff!

a fantastic saturday hike up temescal canyon

i spent a fantastic monday in santa monica with friends.  little mara was pretty excited to ride the carousel!  the weather was perfect for spending a little time in the park nearby!

what were you up to? 

{images by me}


in love :: number sixty-nine

i'm going to need to get myself one of these quartz rings asap!  love these gems made by moorea seal!{images from moorea seal}


weekend creative

hello again, friends!  how was your weekend?  i had the sort of weekend where many things on my schedule fell by the wayside.  i ended up not seeing two movies, not starting my food cleanse and didn't complete a photo challenge made with a friend!

nevertheless i managed to be fairly productive!  made some thank you cards for a friend, spent sunday morning at a mission in downtown l.a. to help feed the homeless, mixed up chocolate chip cookie dough and spent the day with sweet mara!

what were you up to? {images by me}